Check out this FAQ for details on some of the Versacom client portal’s distinctive advantages. Find out how our customizable platform makes things easy and efficient for you and helps maximize your savings. A must for any translation project manager!

Looking for more options for managing your translation projects?

Managing a company’s translations requires tools adapted to accommodate tight deadlines, multiple document versions and any number of unforeseen circumstances. Versacom’s client portal uses the latest technology to offer virtually endless options to accelerate and facilitate this work. Here are some of the options available, and more can be added according to your needs:

Real-time project tracking
The portal always lets you know the status of each project, from initial analysis to delivery.

Project additions and changes
Versacom’s portal makes it easy for you to send new versions of the documents you want translated.

  • Add new files to an ongoing request.
  • Build on a request that was already delivered a few days or even months ago. The request form is already filled out; just attach the new version.

Project cancellation
You can immediately cancel any ongoing project if needed.

Project co-management by several team members
Designate different people as contacts for the same project. All your designated team members can manage requests and receive your translations when you’re on vacation or during any other planned or unplanned absences.

Easy access to all your past project files
Use the search engine to find any and all of your previously delivered projects along with the associated files. Missing the project number? Search by key word or by date range.

Looking for top-tier security measures for your translation projects?

Protecting the information your organization produces and distributes is a big responsibility. Versacom’s client portal makes it easier for you by combining all essential security measures. Here are some of the measures used, and more can be added according to your needs:

Centralized management of access rights
You control the assignment and withdrawal of employee access rights, as needed.

Single sign-on
Each authorized user must use their credentials to access the portal.

Access traceability
All portal access details are documented and traceable, allowing you to conduct verifications.

Fully secured environment
All information and file sharing occurs exclusively via the portal, so your company’s messages and documents don’t need to be transmitted through other, less secure means, such as email.

Looking for maximum savings for all your translation projects?

Even when things speed up and you’re at the umpteenth version of the same document, you can avoid unnecessary translation costs. Here’s how Versacom’s portal helps you easily manage your budgets:

Pre-project cost assessment
Request an accurate professional quote from your dedicated project manager. They’ll let you know if certain strategies might allow you to reduce costs.

Avoiding minimum fees
Group several documents dealing with the same topic or similar topics in a single project to avoid the minimum fees that apply to documents that take less than one hour to translate.

Heads up for upcoming projects
It’s quick and easy to inform your project manager so they can start planning right away for a request coming up in a few days or weeks. Proactive planning often leads to significant savings, especially for large projects.

Looking to offer exclusive translation services on your company’s intranet?

It frequently happens that an organization’s employees are wondering who the outside translation agency is and how to contact it. Versacom’s client portal lets you avoid this problem and the resulting loss of time.

Direct access from your internal network

  • Prominently display an icon or link on your internal network’s home page or in your company’s intranet. Your employees will instantly see that with a simple click they can access Versacom’s portal, and then easily create and manage their translation projects.
  • This mode of access guarantees that management of your translations is always doubly controlled and secured: first by your internal network and secondly by Versacom’s portal, which offers all the security you need.
Looking for a multilingual company glossary that your employees can easily access?

It’s not easy to ensure that all your employees correctly use your company’s terminology in their documents. And yet this is fundamental to the accuracy and uniformity of your communications. It also lets you benefit from savings since the translators take less to time to check everything. Versacom’s client portal offers a simple way for you to respond to this challenge:

Hosting your multilingual glossary

  • A company glossary can be available with one click on the portal’s home page.
  • An information banner on the portal can remind employees to check the glossary for terminology they use in the documents they produce and send for translation.
  • Your dedicated Versacom translators use the same glossary as your employees, doubly ensuring your terminology is accurate and consistent.
Looking for greater consistency in your translations?

With all the documents that your company produces and has translated, it takes substantial coordination to make sure the style and terminology are always on point and consistent. Facilitating this coordination is integral to our mission. That’s why Versacom’s client portal is designed to help you ensure that your terminology and stylistic preferences are understood and applied. Here are three useful options, and more can be added according to your needs:

Multilingual company glossary
Your glossary can be hosted on the portal so that your employees can consult it with a few clicks and use your approved terminology when they develop content. Your dedicated Versacom translators use the same glossary.

Grouping similar documents
When you have several documents to translate that make use of similar terms, group them under the same project on Versacom’s portal. It’s an additional guarantee that they will all be translated by the same people in a perfectly consistent way.

Sending reference documents
The portal allows you to easily send reference documents along with the documents you need translated. Reference documents help show the translators precisely the style and terminology to be used, saving them precious time.

Looking to communicate with all your employees who send translation requests?

Perhaps you have dozens or even hundreds of employees who have documents translated. How do you ensure that they’re all aware of the rules to follow and the resources at their disposal? Versacom’s client portal is part of the solution.

Customized banners

  • We can create any banners you need on the portal’s home page, to easily communicate with all those submitting translation requests.
  • Banners are perfect for letting people know about the portal’s features that are useful to your company, such as access to your multilingual glossary (to maintain consistency in your communications) or the possibility of starting project planning early to maximize savings.
  • They also let you immediately announce any changes to your internal processes that affect translations (budget approvals, invoice processing, etc.).
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