Localizing websites, portals, computer programs and applications to meaningfully engage with users anywhere in the world is key to success in a global marketplace, and your business’s continued growth depends on it. Every facet of a platform has to be carefully considered, since each platform is unique. Effective localization is all in the details. An ill-suited word choice, a picture or symbol with the wrong connotations, graphics that are poorly designed for certain languages… Even the slightest oversight can be detrimental. For such intricate work, settle for nothing less than our full range of expertise.


Here at Versacom, we have a sizeable cross-functional team of specialists for all aspects of localization: from planning and strategy, to language, culture and technology. This enables us to serve as your single provider for a multitude of services.


A dedicated project manager familiar with your line of business performs an analysis, offers recommendations and a detailed quote, and prepares and oversees the project.


We identify and extract the content requiring localization and prepare working documents, and our IT teams provide technical assistance to all those involved in the project.


Our experts draw up a list of key words to help successfully adapt the content and optimize your search engine rankings.


Our professionals adapt and revise content to ensure technical material is reader-friendly, marketing concepts are suitably conveyed, and more.


We upload the localized content to the publishing platform and language professionals who work in the target language proofread finished product.


Our copy editors proofread any content integrated by your team, as an added safeguard for you.


With our professional localization services, you get invaluable support from experts who approach every project intelligently to achieve the desired effect in the three key areas of localization.


This encompasses all of the textual elements customers can see in your user interface.

This may consist of messages, headers, photo captions, and text in graphs and charts, for example. It may also include wordplay, numbers, cultural references or other elements, all of which can vary not only from one language to another, but between varieties of the same language spoken in different countries.


This is the full range of visual elements supporting your content: colour schemes, images (even emojis!), fonts, page or screen layout, text-to-image ratio and so on.

Each of these elements has cultural connotations and may need to be adapted to suit your audience and target market.


Function means all structural, programming or other functional elements which directly affect how easily and quickly your customers can find and read your content, not to mention how much traffic you’ll get from the most popular search engines in different parts of the world.

Functional elements are the most likely to be overlooked in the localization process, which is why our initial analysis stage is so essential.


From day one, our team helps you and your developers assess the work involved in localizing your platform and the best way to do it without unnecessary risks, costs or delays. They can oversee your project until the content is live and fully accessible and functional. Click on each step to learn more.


Do you have a WordPress-based website that you need translated into one or more languages? Avoid the risk of error and save considerable time with the WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML). With WPML, you can submit your website content to us directly from the WordPress environment. Our language experts will localize your content and deliver a perfectly formatted version to you, also via WordPress. Versacom is a partner for WPML and can provide you with end‑to‑end professional support as soon as your website primes are ready to have the plugin installed and configured. Learn more in our blog post on WPML and its benefits.

“We were already satisfied customers when we turned to Versacom to localize our website from English to French. Beyond the usual issues, there were two added challenges with this project: very tight deadlines and highly specialized content related to our cutting-edge work in AI. Versacom demonstrated its advanced knowledge of the sector, delivering the same outstanding service as always.”

Simon Hudson
Element AI

“We hired Versacom to localize our subcontractor and supplier management software. We needed experienced translators for four European languages, and tight, proactive management was an absolute must given the technical requirements. Versacom gave us precisely the support we had hoped for, from the first analyses to final testing.”

Olivier Voyer

“The content Versacom localizes for us relates to AI research and is geared to the scientific community. Understanding and adapting it requires fairly advanced knowledge, but Versacom has the experts it takes. We work with them on an ongoing basis for additions or updates to that content, as well as for blog posts and material for our main website.”

Jordana Feldman
Borealis AI

“We specialize in recruitment for IT, finance, marketing and other leading industries, and Versacom covers it all. We were looking for an affordable localization solution that offered end-to-end technical and linguistic support, and that is exactly what we got with Versacom. We are very pleased with the experience and the outcome.”

Melissa Chu
Fuze HR Solutions Inc.

We were fully satisfied with Versacom’s expert localization of our website. We were particularly impressed by how efficiently they extracted our website content early on in the project, as identifying everything that requires localization at the outset is of course essential to success. Versacom starts off strong and does excellent work every step of the way.

Patrick Brault


From our linguistic and cultural experts to our IT personnel and project managers, Versacom’s hundreds of localization experts all hold the relevant professional credentials for their particular areas of expertise. In addition to having well-documented qualifications and years of experience in the field, all of our experts are highly efficient and professional. With Versacom, you are guaranteed the professional quality that defines all of our services, and the same sound advice as well.