Security and risk mitigation


When it comes to translating and localizing content, risk immediately evokes the critical importance of security and confidentiality. It’s no wonder so many people look up key words such as “security translation” or “confidential translation.” But organizations often underestimate several other risks inherent to multilingual communications and this can have serious repercussions. Your language partner must have processes and systems in place to protect you and your organization from all potential hazards.


Physical and technical safeguards

  • Secure and redundant infrastructure
  • Secure offices with restricted access
  • Segmentation of all client information
  • Dynamic control of individual access to resources and data
  • Data, file and communication encryption
  • Backup site for all resources and data in the event of a problem or disaster
  • Regular penetration testing by third-party experts

Managerial safeguards

  • Information security policy
  • Detailed business continuity and disaster recovery plans
  • Government security and reliability clearances
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Code of conduct audited by compliance experts
  • Rigorous hiring process with thorough background checks
  • Custom project and document management processes
  • Secure, regular data and document destruction
  • Full expert audits
  • Routine training and information on security
  • Active participation in key security industry associations and events


Time, efficiency, credibility, reputation, quality, consistency, budgets, revenues, savings, market share… When left in the wrong hands, translation and localization can negatively affect so many factors crucial to your business.

Hazards and consequences

Qualified resources unavailable when you need them

  • You miss key deadlines.
  • Important business and operational objectives that require perfect timing are not met.

Use of a large pool of non-dedicated resources

  • Your content is simply seen as a word count, with no regard for your corporate culture, structure, objectives, terminology, style and everything that conveys your organization’s excellence.
  • Your communications look like random generic texts that people can’t associate with your organization.

Use of unqualified or inexperienced resources

  • Your recognized expertise is poorly conveyed.
  • Your messages look and sound amateurish.
  • Translations are inconsistent and often inaccurate.

Lack of customized solutions

  • Your language partner uses the same approach for all your content.
  • Creative, strategic or specialized content is not given the extra time and expertise it requires.

Inefficient content leveraging processes

  • Your partner routinely recycles content from your archives or documentation, without considering its relevance for the context or adapting, updating or correcting it where necessary.
  • Time and cost savings go up in smoke because you have to revise this poorly reused content or even have it retranslated before it can be distributed.

Poor cost control

  • Enticing rates don’t lead to the savings you expect because your partner is charging you extra for reasons that are not always clear, for example through added project management fees, rush rates, or useless or unjustified work.

Misguided use of technology

  • Your partner uses automated tools without understanding how they work or having language experts intervene at the right time and in the right way.
  • You distribute inaccurate or incomprehensible translations that tarnish your reputation with target audiences.


With computer security breaches and hacking scandals continuously on the rise, even leading expertise is not enough. You need a partner with integrity, one that is fully dedicated to protecting you and your information in all circumstances. Versacom is committed to finding the right solution as soon as a new risk emerges. Our in-house R&D and IT experts work jointly with our clients and partners to make sure we operate in the most secure technological environment possible.
Feel more confident in a world of ever-present threats.