Finance and regulatory reporting


Banks, governments, companies, investors… Spanning the globe and cutting across multiple sectors, the financial industry comprises numerous ultra-specialized branches and caters to a broad range of clienteles and markets. Naturally, communications in this sector present critical challenges, from safeguarding information to satisfying the multilingual needs of major organizations. With proven expertise in this vast domain, Versacom offers unlimited capacity and security standards on a par with the most stringent banking and government requirements.


Each quarter, our project managers, translators, terminologists, revisers, desktop publishing experts and proofreaders deliver thousands of pages of financial statements and management reports, working in close collaboration with our clients’ auditors. In this ever-urgent framework that often includes strict SEDAR filing requirements, Versacom never misses a deadline.


Year after year, the largest public organizations and government bodies entrust Versacom with the translation of their reporting documents and budgets. These assignments are performed under the most demanding conditions. Our professional teams work together around the clock. It is no wonder so many accounting and law firms turn to Versacom for budget analysis translation and client-focused publications.


Versacom is the preferred choice among reputable financial organizations and investment firms. From securities trading to private banking, our experts have very extensive experience and excel at catering to the information needs of high net-worth clients.


From legal and regulatory documentation to professional training and compliance material and educational tools, regulatory bodies require extensive language expertise. Our professionals fully grasp the importance of diligence in terms of financial terminology, concepts and formulations, and each client organization is assigned a team specializing in this field and any relevant sub-fields.


Since its inception in 1995, Versacom has specialized in the many fields and sub-fields of finance and financial translation, becoming deeply familiar with their respective terminology, standards and regulations. Communicating financial, banking, investment and asset management concepts in plain and simple language is our forte. Each client organization is assigned a dedicated team of specialized language professionals, some with degrees in finance or related fields in addition to translation. Many Versacom experts are former employees of financial institutions and have completed the Canadian Securities Course, IFRS and ethics courses, or other extremely valuable training.

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Versacom experts can provide free, no-obligation advice, whatever your goals and situation.

The industry at a glance


  • Consumers
  • Government
  • High net-worth clients
  • Individuals
  • Large corporations
  • Newcomers
  • Private investors
  • Retirees
  • SMEs
  • Students


  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Capital markets
  • Cash flow
  • Credit
  • Economics
  • Equity markets
  • Financial-service cooperatives
  • Policies and procedures
  • Public finance
  • Regulatory matters
  • Risk management
  • Securities
  • Taxation
  • Wealth management

Key issues

  • Competition
  • Confidentiality
  • Diversity
  • Ethics
  • Globalization
  • Governance
  • Innovation
  • Protecting clients’ image and reputation
  • Public policy
  • Regulations
  • Security
  • Technology


Versacom has completed hundreds of thousands of translation and localization assignments in the financial sector for Canadian and international private and public organizations. We keep abreast of industry changes through our professional development program and by working closely with our clients’ analysts, lawyers, accountants, economists, and auditors. No project or challenge is too big or too complex for us to take on.
Versacom’s main financial translation clients

  • Accounting firms
  • Canadian chartered banks
  • Canadian regulatory bodies
  • Investment brokerage firms
  • Law firms specializing in financial and stock markets
  • Mutual fund management firms

Translating for the finance industry comes with its own set of challenges


  • Standardized translation and revision protocols
  • Complex and evolving terminology
  • Complexity and variety in specialized fields
  • Nuance and variety in language levels
  • Translated content leveraging
  • Wording and terminology standardization requirements
  • Consistent brand management
  • Certified translations


  • Fluctuations in demand
  • Project planning and deadlines
  • Unexpected and emergency demands at any time of day or night, including weekends and holidays
  • Crises within client organizations
  • Input and feedback from multiple sources
  • Multiple versions and updates
  • Extensive number checking
  • Complex validation and approval cycles
  • Complex formatting
  • Proofreading


  • New trends and developments
  • Multiplicity of products and services
  • Diversity of target audiences
  • Critical time-to-market cycles
  • Public policy issues


  • Industry standards: variety, complexity, specificity and evolution
  • Stringent compliance processes
  • Ongoing training and development requirements for industry experts


Capacity and availability

The capacity and availability to ensure that you receive the full translation support you need for your major strategic projects and during peak periods. When dealing with quarterly, semi-annual and annual financial reports, delays are not an option. Our linguists and project managers do whatever it takes, and always deliver.

Knowledge of the INNER WORKINGS

An intimate grasp of the financial industry’s inner workings. Financial reporting projects can involve managers, analysts, economists, legal advisors and auditors, and each has their own expectations. There is no margin for error, and our team knows how to play its role.


Professional and optimized management of all your original and translated content, with a view to maximizing:

  • Information and terminology consistency
  • Translated content leveraging
  • Efficiencies and savings
  • Security and confidentiality


When it comes to information security and confidentiality, Versacom has zero tolerance for failure. We are the chosen partner of the largest banks and government agencies, known for their stringent standards. Our comprehensive infrastructures, policies and processes ensure that we can meet any requirement. Our premises are subject to regular inspection by recognized third-party organizations. We also provide the guarantees required by each client along with evidence of our compliance.