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What’s an online quote?

It is a written and specifically priced service offer based on the professional analysis of at least one document that you send us along with your request. Our quote will provide full details based on your situation. If we require more information, one of our experts will be in touch briefly by phone or email. Rest assured that we will respond promptly so that you can make the decisions crucial to meeting your deadline. It’s quick and easy, without any nasty surprises.


Benefits of a quote

  • A clear, concise description of the services recommended following professional analysis of your needs and document(s)
  • Accurate and reliable cost estimates, broken down by service, e.g. translation costs based on translation rate and estimated number of hours
  • No hidden fees and no drastic adjustments once the quote has been delivered
  • An opportunity to ask for clarifications or alert you to any issues
  • Plus, any additional explanations you need to assess the quote and make a decision provided by phone or email

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