Responsive translation


Have special communication projects involving more than one language? Not interested in engaging valuable internal resources or managing hard-to-find experts? Looking for a professional partner who can guarantee the best results at the best possible price? Versacom offers you all the services you need, from translation to expert management, in addition to customized solutions for all circumstances.


Language services available day and night for special projects and emergencies

Translators on 24/7 standby

The smart way to translate brand names, slogans and taglines

Creative concept adaptation and transcreation

Making sure your signage and product packaging comply with applicable laws

Signage, packaging and product label translation

Translation process with official legal validation by a member of the bar

Certified legal translation and validation

When your project requires on-site language and management expertise

Translators and project managers on site

Interpretation by phone or in person to facilitate your meetings

Live interpretation for business events

Translation process specially designed for pharmaceutical marketing

Translation of monographs and material safety data sheets

Custom solution for the translation and regulatory filing of financial reports and statements

Translation of financial reports and regulatory documentation

Expert francization support to enter the Quebec market and comply with its language laws

Support for compliance with language laws

Comprehensive lexicons to ensure effective use of corporate language or industry terminology

Lexicon design

Fast, professional translation of RFPs, calls for tenders, business proposals and technical specifications

Rush translation of RFPs and business proposals

A solution designed for the publication of printed or online product and service catalogues

Catalog and SKU translation


While all Versacom turnkey solutions are customizable, you can take advantage of our expertise to build a brand new one for other specific needs.