Principle 4: Feedback

Providing feedback means advising your LSP of your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the translations you receive, in an effort to facilitate problem-solving and continuous improvement. Feedback should help maintain an ongoing dialogue between you and the LSP, identify the best solutions and implement the most appropriate practices. Here are some tips on providing productive feedback and reasons why it helps you.

Eliminate doubt with a clear-cut feedback process

To ensure that your LSP receives your feedback and takes action, establish a straightforward process from the outset so that your managers know how to convey their comments and to whom. This will channel all feedback and questions to the language experts responsible for handling them, saving time. This approach helps to continuously improve your relationship with your LSP and the services you receive.


You will have an easy-to-use feedback tool for communicating with your LSP in just a few clicks.


You can get members of your organization to follow the feedback process agreed to with your LSP, which will prevent misunderstandings and lost information.


You can immediately ensure that your comments are properly understood and taken into account.
Compliance with feedback procedure translates into valuable data

If you want to compile all feedback given to your LSP to drive continuous improvement, you should encourage your people to follow the feedback process and explain why this makes sense. Your LSP will skilfully assess and document your suggestions and comments. Not having to do this yourself—or find someone else in-house who can—will save you considerable time. All the data compiled is used to assess overall performance against your indicators. You will see exactly how things are progressing, since all the feedback will have been consistently compiled from the beginning. The information gathered helps pinpoint key issues, making it a lot easier to build improvement plans.


All feedback regarding costs will be centralized so that your partner can take immediate action if anyone from your organization expresses concerns about actual cost savings and cost avoidance.


You will avoid having to analyze your colleagues’ comments or deciding whether those comments and the proposed solutions are justified.


You can depend on a systematic correlation between the feedback given and adherence to your established performance indicators.


All feedback will be compiled in one tool, in a protected directory, so you will avoid the risk of comments being lost because they were sent to the wrong person.
Amended translations are saved in the LSP’s archives

To ensure that your LSP is aware of your preferences, be sure to systematically send them back any translations that were modified after delivery, for their records. This way, you won’t have to repeatedly make the same changes or re-explain your preferences: your LSP will analyze your revised versions and save them for future reference. This allows you to maximize savings by ensuring that the LSP has the most accurate and consistent files in its archives, as well as the greatest amount of reusable content.


You will save hours of unnecessary work re-doing the same changes.


You simply have to send back your amended translations, and your LSP will look after analyzing and archiving them to maintain consistency.


Your LSP will automatically take into account your preferences, as well as linguistic and stylistic factors, and industry standards.


You will save money by avoiding repetitive work and ensuring that your LSP bases your translations on accurate, up-to-date information.

A successful business relationship is a partnership

Once the foundation and the conditions for a successful business relationship are firmly in place, the relationship evolves into a true partnership, where you feel as though you are working with colleagues and not just a service provider.

The best LSPs know exactly how to become a natural extension of your team and organization. By developing closer and closer ties with you, they maximize quality, speed, compliance, security and savings for your benefit.

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