Working at Versacom


Versacom is a unique employer: the largest professional translation firm, run entirely by language professionals and with a mission built around our experts and their expertise. Over 200 employees strong, our in-house team is made up of top university graduates. We treat our employees as dedicated partners whose expertise is critical to meeting our clients’ needs, and provide them with every bit of the support they need to excel.



We are truly a family of professionals, pooling our strengths to achieve excellence in a work environment where recognition, flexibility, cooperation and support are part of everyday life.


Professionalism and expertise: cornerstones of the quality, effectiveness and innovation that set us apart from the mass-production mentality characterizing much of the language industry today.


In a fragmented field where too many players work in isolation, we bring together language experts of the highest calibre to offer unbeatable capacity and versatility.


Versacom relies on a large team of linguists and managers. We have a variety of translator jobs and other positions that attract specialists from a wide range of backgrounds.


  • Translators
  • Adaptation specialists
  • Revisers
  • Terminologists
  • Proofreaders
  • Copywriters


  • Coordinators
  • Project managers
  • System managers
  • Desktop publishing experts
  • Vendor management experts
  • Business development specialists


  • Accounting and finance experts
  • Billing experts
  • Payroll experts
  • Accounts payable/ receivable experts
  • Reporting experts
  • Audit management experts


  • Technical support experts
  • IT managers
  • Network administrators
  • Security specialists
  • Research and development experts
  • Programmer analysts



Our jobs are stable. Our history is one of growth.

We offer an excellent compensation package and competitive benefit plans.

We welcome interns and offer them employment as soon as they graduate.

The work is interesting and varied, with plenty of opportunity for advancement and special assignments on client premises.


Situated in the very heart of Montréal, in a prime location.

Our office is spacious, bright and inviting.

We offer a work environment conducive to concentration and cooperation.

Productivity doesn’t come at the cost of enjoyment. Our office environment embraces humour and fun, shared mealtimes and celebration, whenever the moment’s right.


Each employee is ensured full and ongoing support tailored to their professional, technological and administrative needs.

Camaraderie prevails at our office, with co-workers always ready and willing to help each other out.

We offer the best professional technologies along with the training needed to optimize their use.

Our R&D team works unrelentingly to come up with new tools that respond to the real, day-to-day challenges faced by language professionals.


Given that work is such a big part of your life, you want a job that is professionally rewarding and contributes to your quality of life. Versacom is different from other large translation companies, who take an industrial approach to performance evaluation and employee productivity. Our leaders all come from strong language backgrounds, and our employees are treated as professionals. We work hard, but we offer flexible work schedules that are compatible with everyone’s personal reality. We provide our employees with personalized support and give them stimulating assignments. And at Versacom, technology is used for the benefit of professionals, not the other way around. More than just a job or translator career, it’s the chance to be part of a big family.

I love my co-workers and the atmosphere. The environment is structured, but not rigid. We help and a learn a lot from one another, both professionally and personally, not to mention the fun we have! Versacom makes room for everyone’s personality and particularities.

Hélène Morissette, translator
After my first internship at Versacom, I was able to follow up immediately with a second one and stay on for another three months. When these six intensive months of well-supervised, interesting translation work came to an end, I knew I would be happy joining Versacom as soon as I graduated.

Simon Beaulieu Gélinas, translator
I began at Versacom as a financial translator. After a few years, I was eager to diversify my knowledge and work with a different team. Making the shift was no problem. I now work on a variety of projects, many of which have a marketing bent. I can rely on the support of revisers who specialize in the field—and I love it!

Simon Cloutier, translator
I am very comfortable with translation technologies, so I offered to develop workshops to offer my co-workers valuable tips and show them some of the lesser-known features. It’s very stimulating for me and helps everyone work even more effectively.

Édith Groulx-Robert, translator, reviser and language team leader
Management and translation are my two passions; being a project manager at Versacom lets me combine them. When you’re assigned a big project and you have to deliver to deadline, in compliance with the client’s specs and every last language, technical and administrative particularity… Well, it’s a real confidence booster! Very stimulating, especially when you know that even the tiniest detail can have huge repercussions

Pierre Soly, project manager
We’ve had a solid English translation team for at least as long as I’ve been with the company, and it only continues to grow and get stronger. We work on many high-profile projects and the variety in our work is a huge plus for me. My team’s made up of warm, competent people who are always ready and willing to help their peers. I am really proud of what we do here and, more importantly, of how we do it.

Leanne Legault, translator and team leader
We all learn so much from each other as members of a multigenerational team with young professionals fresh out of university all the way up to the most senior translators—some of whom graduated from the first-ever translation programs. It’s a supportive and collaborative environment that’s deeply rewarding and stimulating, with so many people contributing not only their expertise, but also their calm, warm and positive attitude.

Claude Saint-Jean, proofreader
We have a whole team that specializes in technology management and development. What’s most stimulating for us is Versacom’s professional approach. Anything we do involving technology is based on a thorough understanding of what language professionals do for their clients and the kinds of challenges they face. Our achievements are in a class by themselves.

Jean-François Beaulac, R&D team leader


Everyone has their own needs, preferences, priorities… and biorythms! We welcome passionate, competent professionals who are looking for any type of work schedule. Early bird or night owls, weekday or weekend workers are welcome. We offer teleworking to team members whose assignments and responsibilities allow it, with all the necessary support. Our employees are presented with regular advancement and training opportunities, thanks to a host of innovative programs. At Versacom, the rewards match our expectations.