Multiple-update project

Multiple-update project:
 Translating a strategic press release about an organization’s financial results

Initial project details

  • 2,500 words expected
  • Initial version expected in 2 days but 80% final already
  • Two-day turnaround time requested (Thursday–Friday)
  • Updates expected through the weekend (number and timing unspecified)
  • Mandatory publication Monday at 8 a.m.
  • Request for translators on standby from Friday evening to Monday morning

Recommended approach

  • Start translation immediately on 80% final draft
  • Update translation in 2 days, when final version is available
  • Leverage the above to double the amount of time allotted for translation (4 days rather than 2)
  • For weekend updates, limit standby to following time slots: Saturday a.m., Sunday p.m., Monday at dawn
  • Ensure standby hours can be moved or cancelled any time as required


  • 30% savings (no rush fees) on translation and first update, as work can be completed over
    4 days rather than 2
  • 85% savings on weekend standby fees, with only the most relevant standby time slots identified