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Indigenous languages, especially Nunavik Inuktitut

With Indigenous languages being increasingly threatened, we are fully committed to their preservation by partnering with those who have an Indigenous language as their mother tongue and who work primarily or occasionally as translators. We have stimulating projects to propose, particularly in Inuktitut as spoken in Nunavik (Quebec).

Versacom is far from a typical translation agency. We are the only 100% professionally owned-and-operated large-scale language services firm, founded and led by translators dedicated to strengthening and promoting languages and cultures. Translators are central to our mission and are recognized for their expertise, respected as individuals and well compensated for their contribution.

We are reaching out to Indigenous translators who may be interested in certain projects as well as members of their networks who are in a position to pass along this offer.


To discuss opportunities, get in touch with Alexandre Rouzé, your dedicated contact at Versacom


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