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We have always counted on a strong network of dedicated collaborators, whom we consider to be full-fledged members of our extended family of language professionals and to whom we entrust a wealth of interesting and varied projects each year. These collaborators receive all the support they need to excel and have access to an exclusive range of cutting-edge tools and documentation resources. We boast the largest terminology centre in Canada’s private sector. We are always looking for new, experienced individuals to help us provide daily terminology research, creation and standardization support to our translators, and to carry out other ad hoc or more extensive projects (extraction of specialized terms from texts, research, linguistic studies, lexicon development, telephone consultations, etc.). Our main areas of specialization are: banking; finance, especially investments and securities; government; information and communication technologies; insurance (auto, home, life and health); law, life sciences (medical and pharmaceutical); marketing (adaptation); transportation (particularly rail and air); and various technical fields.

Primary duties

  • Conduct terminology research and promptly suggest effective equivalents that satisfy linguistic construction standards and take into account each client’s overall situation and requirements
  • In certain cases, carry out other types of terminology research, creation and standardization projects (extraction of specialized terms from texts, linguistic studies, lexicon development, telephone consultations, etc.)
  • Contribute to the management and ongoing enrichment of Versacom’s terminology databases
  • Working with our Terminology Centre and Service Centre, keep close track of current projects and deadlines
  • Use research and management tools effectively
  • Act as an ambassador for Versacom in all dealings with clients

Education and skills

  • A university degree (bachelor’s or higher) in translation or terminology
  • At least three years’ experience in terminology (or translation)
  • Knowledge of at least one of our areas of specialization listed above
  • Ideally, experience in providing daily terminology research support to translators
  • Perfect fluency in his/her working languages
  • Proficiency in the tools commonly used in the language industry, and specifically in terminology
  • Flexibility to work on occasional projects outside of normal business hours
  • High level of efficiency, autonomy and reliability
  • Ability to efficiently manage multiple priorities
  • Exceptional rigour and attention to detail
  • Insatiable intellectual curiosity
  • Professionalism and a strong client focus
  • Team spirit and good interpersonal skills
  • Ideally, accreditation from an association of language professionals or the intention to become certified
  • Keenly interested in collaborating with a market-leading firm

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