Responsive translation



Versacom is the largest Canadian professional translation agency, built from its inception to support all its clients at all times. Our teams of language experts and managers are backed by Versacom’s own IT expertise centre and connected by a certified network that allows everyone to work securely from home.

For the past 25 years, we’ve provided our clients with a structure able to handle ongoing, as well any exceptional translation requirements. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are deploying all the professional and technical resources needed to assist you in your communication efforts.

Guaranteed service and performance

All Versacom experts are at your service, in full compliance with government social distancing rules to protect themselves as well as their loved ones and fellow citizens from the coronavirus. Our team can count on a proven teleworking model, backed a reliable network monitored 24/7 by Versacom’s own IT centre. From language professionals to managers, including our whole executive team, everyone is not only safe, but also readily available and fully productive.

We can provide translation services in any language for any market around the world. Versacom relies on a wide network of international partners, chosen for their high quality and reliability standards. We demand the best to ensure continued service even in these exceptionally challenging times.

Handling both urgent and regular translation requests

Versacom is there to help you with all your high-priority communications related to the  pandemic. We also translate any other content needed to keep your operations running. Managing both rush and regular translation requirements has always been part of our job. Additional crisis processes, specifically designed for added performance during this pandemic, now help us deliver the outstanding support you expect. Our special executive task force stands ready to step in as soon as exceptional challenges arise.

You can also turn to Versacom if your current language-service supplier is simply not delivering. Reach out to us, and we will help you.

Easy to reach

You already know your dedicated Versacom experts? Their services are available to you, just as usual, even during these times of crisis.
When in doubt or faced with a major emergency, or if you’ve never done business with Versacom before, you can contact us right here.