Major project

Translating a technical training program comprised of six courses

Initial project details

  • Expected total of 75,000 words
  • Some 15 Word files plus several PowerPoint presentations
  • Most files already 80% final
  • Remaining files 40% final
  • All final files to be sent to the agency 10 days later
  • Few updates subsequently expected
  • Seven-day turnaround time requested
  • Same delivery date for all files
  • Initial use of course material slated for 7 days after translations received
  • Based on above details, 100% of project is urgent, requiring rush fees due to high volume and tight deadline

Assessment results

  • 25% similar or identical content found across documents
  • Several thousand words of comments intended for trainers only and not requiring translation
  • Actual number of words to translate = 50,000 rather than 75,000
  • Agency suggests starting translation of 80% final files in 2 days rather than 10
  • By starting translation in 2 days, the agency has an extra 8 days to work on most files
  • For 40% final files, agency recommends staggered deliveries over 10 days rather than 7 and guarantees formatted, ready-to-use material


  • No rush fees—and in fact no charge at all—for the 25,000 repeated words
  • No rush fees for most files (80% final), with translation starting sooner and turnaround time extended by 8 days
  • No rush fees for up to half of remaining files (40% final), with staggered deliveries over 10 days rather than 7
  • Rush rate applies only to the few files requiring urgent translation and any emergency updates
  • Total project costs 40% to 50% lower than initial projections